Saturday, March 31, 2007

Perfect timing

The bad news: we have the flu (not the stomach flu - we have the real thing, influenza). Six out of seven people in this house were sick yesterday - me, Dad, Mom, Beck, F, and Z. Only Martin's stayed well so far. The good news, though: Nobody has had it for more than three days. I had it very mildly yesterday, but am fine today (whew!) - then Beck and Dad had it for three days each, and F and Z are somewhere in between.
What was bad about it was the timing. The morning that me and Mom got sick, my dad had a crisis at work and had to be working from home all day, even though he was still sick. I also happen to have an astronomy test on Monday, and wasn't able to study with any of my classmates because I got sick. Meeeeeeh.
But hey, I'm well now, so - yay!

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Matt said...

well i am glad to hear you are doing way better Sam, I was very woried about you at work, and boy i was. Well it sounds like you had a very busy week, I hope all of your family is doing better, i know what its like to have to do stuff when everyone else is sick.

Its very awesome of you to do the things you do for your family, you are caring, thoughtful, kind, and overall awesome person.

Have an Awesome day.