Monday, March 19, 2007

Cars and I don't get along.

-- Not if I'm in the driver's seat, anyways.

Being a student driver sucks. Seriously. All right, so I can drive on the streets, but still..... I have so much left to work on. I always - always - start cutting my turns too late. If I pay attention to one thing (say, staying the speed limit), I lose attention and let something else slip (like missing my turn?). Not to mention the fact that I'm a total moron and can't remember to take the parking brake off if I'm driving mom's car (the parking brake on that car is messed up... you can't tell when you're driving if the parking brake is on or off). And better yet, I have a driving test in 15 days. Oooooooh boy. And if I manage to fail a driving test, I'm going to practically murder myself.


On the good side, though... I can drive on the freeway. It's a whole lot easier than city driving (no stop lights!! WOO!!), just because there's not as much to watch out for - you just focus on a few things and you're good. And I drove to Nebraska and back over this past weekend to pay my boyfriend a visit, so I got plenty of driving time in on the freeway between Ft Collins and York, NE. Oh, and I even got to hit over 95 mph......... yeah, I know I was speeding, but I had a good reason. Had (yes, that's "had") to pass a semi AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Not a stunt that I will ever duplicate again unless I have to, though.


Matt K. said...

Hey thank you for comming out and visiting me, we both had a blast, well i must say you will do just fine on the test, no worries. And wow, over 95 mph, LOL, well i must say that if you have to go that fast to avoid an accident, it is necessary, *wink* LOL :P,

well anyway don't fret about the e-brake thing, i have drove home from work with with my e-brake on all of the way once or twice :P, and i have even drove the 5-speed metro of jeremy's accidently with the brake on!,

Well i must say your whole blog page is awesome by the way!!!! and again, THANK YOU for comming out to Nebraska to come see me, your the greatest!!!!Have a fun and fizzy day, Fizzy loon Extraordinaire!!! (AKA SAM) LOL !!!! ttyl, Matt

dragonsvamp said...

eeeek dont drive too fast. we dont want you to get hurt *hugs* and dont worry you'll do great on the test im sure!