Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pictures of me and mountains... I like mountains

This is Rocky Mountain National Park... just one hour from our house. We took this photo halfway up a trail that started down in that meadow, and we still had about three miles to go before we got to the end of the trail. What a view...

See that big rock in the background (it's called Arthur's Rock)? We've hiked to the top several times. It's simply awesome. For his sixth birthday, Francis wanted to hike to the top of it... despite the fact that it's an 800 foot elevation gain. And he made it to the top!

This is what it looks like from the top of Arthur's Rock.

I love hiking... but what you can't see in that pic is that I'm hot, tired, and having a very hard time smiling. The temp was at least 100 that day, if not more. And the trail started down at that little house in the background. *pant*

This is where I broke the speed limit - WHILE RIDING MY MOUNTAIN BIKE!!! (see below) There's a very steep hill (steep for me, anyways) that's pretty easy to coast down... I hit at least 30 mph, and the speed limit was only 25. It was SWEET! Who needs roller coasters?

They changed the speed limit! The evilness of it... killjoys. Yes, that's the steep hill that I love. And believe me, it feels much steeper when you're riding your bike up, and not just looking at a pic. My legs are sore, just looking at it.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Okay... if you haven't seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, this won't make any sense at all. So ---

A few days ago, my family and I were out hiking. Along the trail, we passed a really high cliff, and there were tons of swallows flying everywhere. Tons of them.
My dad looked up for a few minutes, and finally said, "Woooow.... just look at all those swallows!"
My younger sister just shrugged and said, "Good thing they aren't all carrying coconuts!"

I'm not needle-phobic!

Well, I survived tonsillectomy with my insanity intact! And flourishing. *evil grin* If any of you have sensitive stomachs, you don't have to read on. I now know that I have absolutely no needle-phobia whatsoever.

Mom and I got to the surgery center at seven-twenty in the morning - I was wondering if I would actually need anesthetic, because I was falling asleep anyway. Okay, so I got there, signed in, waited for just 3 minutes (I love it when they're quick!) and then went through this big long questionnare from my nurse determining that I was the healthiest kid she'd ever met, except for my tonsils. Then I had to change into one of those crazy hospital gowns... bleh... it looked like an XXL ancient Roman toga.

Getting my IV inserted was cool! I even leaned over so I could see better... my nurse couldn't believe it. She had to give me something to numb my hand first (a "number"). Just a really quick prick, and it was done... the number was this liquid that made a big lump inside my vein. It was really neat, because I could feel a little "sting" as the number spread, and then the area would go totally numb. After about a minute, she took the numbing needle out and got the IV (a much bigger needle) and just put it in, really quick. I didn't feel anything at all, so apparently the number worked!

Let's see... okay, so then I waited for about twenty minutes, until the surgeon and anesthesiologest (sp?) came to take me to the operating room. I had a really interesting conversation with them... my surgeon looked a lot like Dr. Richard Feynman, and he talked like him, too.

I actually remember the operating room! Or at least, the first few minutes of it. I now know what it feels like to go under anesthesia. All of the sudden the room just started fading out, and my focus got really weird (far away objects were clear, near objects were blurry) and I just had the time to ask the doc "You just gave me the anesthesia, right?" The doc kinda chuckled and said "Yup."
Then I blacked out.

Next thing I remember, the anesthesia was sloooooooooooowly wearing off, I was as tired as heck, and my throat hurt. My doctor was saying... "She'll prob'ly wake up in about five-ten minutes". Now, since I was too tired to open both eyes, but I just had to prove him wrong, I managed to keep one eye open. Hah, I was awake, and I was gonna stay that way!

Don't remember much else... getting dressed was a fuzzy blur (but I know I did it by myself! I wasn't going to let anybody help me, lol) and so was walking to the car... but, walking to the car, I had a nurse helping me. I was too uncoordinated to tell her I could do it by myself, which was probably a good thing.

So now... I'm stuck either in bed, on the couch, or at the comp, drinking ice water like there's no tomorrow. My diet consists of ice cream and popsicles, washed down with more ice water. Random note: my painkiller meds (Codine, or Kodine, or something like that) taste like the Communion wine at Mass. I wasn't expecting that.

So... a week or three of taking it easy, and I'm back to my rambunctious self! I can't believe how much I'm supposed to take it easy. No weights, no running, no biking, no volleyball, no contortioning, or anything, for at least two weeks! Now that is annoying. I'm already bored. But at least I'm allowed to write. Dad suggested that now would be a good time to do schoolwork... I ignored that comment. Schoolwork? Nein danke!