Thursday, November 30, 2006

There's no such thing as "Dead Week"

Not in Sam's world, anyway. While it seems like all the state universities have a really, really easy week in the week leading up to finals week... my community college is doing the exact opposite. I have two papers to write, a speech to give, a presentation to give... all before finals start on Wednesday. And that's not including all the studying that needs to happen between then and now.

Is anybody else in the same boat, or is it just my community college?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A movie review.... maybe I should do this more often, it's fun!

Just got done watching the newest version of "Count of Monte Cristo" and I LOVE IT.

Since I'm sure that most people know the story (even if they haven't read the book), I won't go into enormous detail. Edmond Dantes, sailor on the verge of becoming captain, is betrayed and sent to Chateau D'If. After a number of years, he escapes, with one thought in mind: revenge.

This movie didn't get the most fantastic reviews, but guess what? I'm not into technicalities. And most of what I think disagrees with quite a few reviewers. SO!

I liked - well, took a wicked, fiendish delight in - the duels. They were too short, and not enough of them, but when there were duels, they were good. Dantes (Jim Caviezal) was excellent, in my opinion - intense, angry, passionate... but cold and reserved when he needed to be. Oh, and the jailer in Chateau D'If looks like Marilyn Manson. And he's such a creep that it's a pleasure to hate him. Mondego could have been a little better... since the screenwriter decided to stray from the book and make Mondego and Dantes friends, I would've liked to see Mondego be a bit more likeable in the beginning. Richard Harris as Abbe Faria gave his typical brilliant performance, giving his character a bit of a humorous twist, which was a pleasant shift from Dantes' depression.

Overall, excellent. Could've had a little more action, a little less narrative... but I'm thrilled as is. It *technically* stretches believability a few times, but manages to make the hard-to-believe believable. And isn't that the whole point of a movie - to suspend reality and transport the watcher into the world of the movie, where anything can happen?

I say A-

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"Roamin' " Catholics?

The Mass holds a "special" place in Catholicism. Mass is not just a place where Catholics gather to worship - far from it! It is not like a Protestant church service (no matter what denomination). During the holy Mass, we unite ourselves with the Church, we offer our entire selves to God wholly and without reserve, but most importantly we unite ourselves with Christ through the Holy Eucharist. Mass is the most sacred thing that we have on this earth.

The Mass is not about this.

Halloween costumes?.... Did I hear drums? Tambourines?..... A minister of the Holy Eucharist dressed up as a devil?.... While I'm sure that these people have the best intentions, THIS IS WRONG. The Mass should be treated with reverence, as the holy place that it is; it's not a joke, or a social gathering.

For those of you who aren't Catholics and have never attended Mass... that sort of thing does not represent us, and it is not what we are about.