Thursday, March 29, 2007


My scores just came in...

I'm not happy with how I did. At all. I was barely above average in math, and my critical reading + writing sections could both stand some improvement. My scores will probably be okay for any college I'm considering, but... aaaargh. I could have done so much better.

I'm going to see if I can take it again.


Matt said...

Im sorry you were not happy with your SAT scores, you did a very nice job as far as i am concerned, above average, hey i am beyond proud of you Sam, you worked hard for those grades, please don't let it pull you down. I think any college that would turn you down cause of those scores, would not be good on their part at all!

Colleges need to look more at the character of the person, but they don't.

I wish you best of luck at finding the college you want to go to, and i wish you best of luck again, if you take the SAT.

I love you-Matt

madison said...

meh, people put too much faith in the wonders of the SATs. Standardized tests to measure our self worth...HOORAH! >_< Hang in there...some colleges rely heavily on them, others don't. good luck if you decide to take them again...I promise you, after a semester at uni, you won't even remember your scores. Takes me a couple minutes to pull those out of the shadowy depths of my memory and I never even want to anyway.