Sunday, April 15, 2007


I haven't been able to write much lately - matter of fact, I was so caught up in my classes that I went for several months straight without writing. And when I finally do get to write, what comes out of my tormented, overworked, school-ridden brain? This.

Insanity was pleasure.
Kiandi threw himself over the edge with a shriek of pure rapture, plummeting down into the darkness of the abyss with the grace of a dragon in flight. Engulfed in blackness, his body plunging ever swifter towards the bottom of the rocky chasm, his mind ready to be exploded into a million pieces when his body splattered on the ground below… this was joy. Mindless, idiotic, insane joy.
Kiandi’s last thought before he hit the ground was a wish that this could have truly been his final moment.

How weird is that? That's got to be the strangest thing I've written yet... but... it's interesting, and reflects the chaos in my brain (no, I'm not suicidal - but the part about mindless, idiotic, insane pleasure sounds nice right now). Crazy.


Matt said...

Wow I am quite impressed by your writting skills Samantha, you definently can paint a picture in a person's mind, with your writting, alot of popular book writers can't do that as well.

Hey I am sorry that you have not been able to write as much lately, I know with school work it makes it hard to be a person. but hey when you write, it wows me to read the stuff you create.

You are awesome!!!!


madison said...

you have guys plunging off cliffs, I have people being devoured by demons, a friend of mine has a prison floating over an abyssal sea....a fantasy writer's mind is an interesting place. :P

Sam said...

LOL! haha, yes, I'd agree that a fantasy writer's mind is definitely a very interesting place. -- Prison floating over an abyssal sea? Wow... that sounds like a must-read! O_O This Annie's story you're talking about, or....?

madison said...

one of her many

Matt said...

I have appreciated you writting more of Kiandi and sending it to me, Kiandi is quite the humorous story with fantasy and comdey, in it. *chuckles * I can't help but laugh about the "heeler's" remark to kiandi from the stuff you sent me, keep writing, and never stop cause I enjoy all the stuff you have written *smiles big*

BTW i am eating jelly beans left over from easter STILL, and I think they may have "evolved"... at least they taste like they have :P

Love, Matt