Saturday, April 28, 2007

Chaos, craziness, and confusion galore...

That's synonymous with college applications, of course!

To sum up the past week: Mom and dad made the spur-of-the-moment decision that I should go to CSU this fall, not next fall like I was planning (yes, they got my consent on it too, obviously). My SAT scores are good enough, my GPA is phenomenal for an entering freshman, I'm already taking organ lessons with the professor who'll be my teacher, I have more than enough credits to graduate... the only hitch: my application is due THIS WEEK. I've missed most of the scholarship and financial aid priority deadlines. And I have a music audition in a week and a half!!!

Yikes. So yes, I'm practicing piano/organ between 4-5 hours a day, already wrote up my essay, need to write a resume, need to fill out the application and get it in ASAP.

Not to mention that my neighbors are moving out today and mom volunteered me to help, I still haven't gotten my driver's liscense (needs to happen soon), I just got glasses and am still getting used to them, and astronomy finals are coming up.

Craziness abounds...

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Matt said...

Hey Sam, sounds like you have had a VERY busy time, wow, *headpats*
I can't believe how fast your life picked up, well I hope things can settle down a bit for you and everything work out great for you. WOW the pressure is on.

Good luck with everything!!

Love, Matt