Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Summer break, HERE I COME!

WHOOO! School is over, I have my final grades back, and it's time to kick back and enjoy the surf! (Too bad I'm a thousand miles from the nearest beach. Ah well, I can fantasize.) But hey - there's still biking, hiking, running, writing, reading, dog-training, dog-walking, playing with the dog, re-varnishing my desk, cleaning my room... and a million and one other things to do!

I am so ready. I have a bike to ride, a car to drive, a dog to walk, and a computer addiction to break - all in all, it's time to enjoy life again instead of slaving away for my teachers. Haha, I feel like hiking a 14er!


Matt said...

YAY!! Finaly summer break for you, well looks like my summer break will rock once I am able to be out there with you. Good luck on the re-varnishing on the desk, sounds like a real task. Well have reading books, relaxing, and getting the drivers liscence.

BTW I should go hike with you lol :P

Have a great summer.

Love, Matt

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam! Glad to hear you're doing well... sorry about the beach-i'm in Florida and going to the ocean on Sunday!!!


Anonymous said...

Good heavens, Sam- i was just reading past comments- who's "Matt"?! You getting a boyfriend already????


P.S. Send me an email!!!

Sam said...

Hi Rebecca!

*sheepish grin* hehe, yep... I have a boyfriend (don't ask me how that happened... God threw me a few loops, that's for sure!).

And you're in FL!? Awesome! Enjoy the beach ;) Say hi to everybody for me, please!


dragonsvamp said...

*hugs* I'm happy that schools over! it's so cool when it finishes early. my sisters finish on the first of june and i have some kids (that i tutor) who finish end of june! thats like beyond terrible

btw enjoy having nothing to do because once you start college im guessing your social life will die. You probably know better than me already cuz of taking college and high school at the same time :p

take care *hugs and headpats* and good luck on going to the uni this fall!


Anonymous said...

Okay sam, whatever!!! Do tell me the whole story sometime...


Matt said...

Hey Samantha, you have not blogged in awhile, well thats okay, hey I know how busy you get. I am SOOO ready to meet your whole family and have a blast for the 2 days out there. I wished I could have made it out in May but mom's buick is junk and she won't ride in the Grand Prix. :( But anywho I am looking forward to the day and boy it will be so exciting.

Love, Matt

P.S. *grins* Fuzzy pickle filled with evolving jelly beans ;). *must be moldy or something*
Stay fizzy!