Saturday, October 13, 2007





So, I'm camped out on the living room floor, refusing to get up or move any more than I have to - and I'm DEFINITELY not going to eat anything for the next few days. I don't even feel like typing. Talk to y'all later.


madison said...

aw, sorry. :( is it a complete 5 for 5 now? feel better soon. *hugs and head pats*

Sam said...

thanks... actually, it's a complete 7 for 7 - the only person even remotely well is Z, because she was the first to get it. and she's still not top-notch. Mom and Dad both got it this morning, too.

Matt said...

Aww crud Sam, this realy stinks, yes definently *hugs and headpats* :( Crud, I wish I could help yah'. Something sure has been going around here in Nebraska, people are sick left and right, plus whatever I had kept me down.


Get well Soon!!!


Rebecca said...

Wow. Now I'm really happy to only have minor allergies. And do try to eat. You have no idea what chicken noodle soup can do.

Hope you get to feeling better.

And I thought you said you were'nt going to type???

Sam said...

Lol... but I only typed after I felt better. Fortunately, it was just a 24-hour flu virus - it didn't last for weeks on end, like some things.