Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Random moment

This morning, Zita came wandering up to Rebecca with a very forlorn expression. Beck, being the nice sister that she is, picked her up and asked, "what's the matter?"

Zita gave Beck a sad puppy-dog look, then told her, "I'm so hungry... I want an appetizer!"

Beck, doing her best to hide a grin, asked, "Do you even know what an appetizer is?"

Zita's response: "Uh-huh. See?!" Zita took off running for the kitchen, opened the refridgerator door, and pointed out what she wanted. "Appetizer!"

Beck: "Zita, that's apple cider."


madison said...

hehehehehehe. :P and did this end with Zita getting her appetizer or Beck getting fired?

Sam said...

Hehehe, Zita got her appetizer, but Francis was the one to get fired (or 'fried', actually)... he heard her say appetizer, and tried to correct her without realizing what she was referring to - "Zita, it's appetite, not appetizer!" - and Zita responded with "It is TOO an appetizer! You're FRIED!". Beck just looked on, got Z her 'appetizer', and tried hard not to make either of them more mad by laughing out loud.

Matt said...

LOL Apple cider, oh jeeze. HAHAHA Yup that is Zita :P

Rebecca said...

CUTE! Man, I wish I had a little sister. I hate being the youngest - you have no idea the problems with older siblings.