Sunday, August 26, 2007


*raises both eyebrows and gives everyone a crazy grin* Guess what, peoples!

Gggggguueeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss........... guess what just made my day.




Matt said...

Well I am going to take a few guesses at this one.

A. Your story Rain that you have been writting has had an accomplishment in it that you are exited about.

B. You can now go to college on a surprise Scholarship

C.Its something that envolves the Latin Mass you are starting.

D. You have a new bike

E. Its none of the above and I need to guess harder.

Well whatever it is, I am very excited that you are dancing about it. I can't wait to have some hints.


Love, Matt

Sam said...

*whimper* Writingwritingwritingwritingwriting -------- not "writting", plllllleeeeeaaaaaaassssse?

And *puckish grin* The answer is: E. None of the above. Guess more! Besides, getting a surprise scholarship for CSU wouldn't make me very happy at all. *chuckle* Let that be your hint.

Matt said...


Okay I will keep trying.


Lets see, you did not get a new car, and you did NOT get a new computer.

Does it envolve Pipe organ??

Love, Matt

Sam said...

Envolve? I don't believe I'm familiar with that term...

Matt said...

Invlovle :(, Okay I guess I am going to have to run a spell checker through my message eh?

Will I recieve any more hints as to what happend??

I am extremely curious now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My next guess is. Did you get your driver's liscence?

Sam said...

Involve... :P Yes, as far as I am aware, that is why the spell-checker was invented.

As far as hints: Nope.

And yes, I know you're curious.

No, I did not get my driver's license. That would be cause for much dismay on my part.

Matt said...

LOL !!!

True that, I know you don't like driving cars much.

Lets see....

Is it envolove you or another family member?

Sam said...

.... What did I just say about the spell-checker?! :P

And: if it didn't involve me, why would I be thrilled to death?

Matt said...


Dang, I tried to spell it right.

Okay, so it INVOLOVES ;) you, and its something that has happend, umm lets see....

You became the choir director at St. Jo's?

I am just going to keep trying :P

Matt said...


I know!!

you get to come out to Nebraska and See me. Now that I would not blame you for dancing about and such :P

Sam said...


Sam said...

And no, it has nothing to do with visiting... *grin*

Matt said...

Wow blogger is struggling abit today, lol.

Involve, Got it ;)

So do I get any hints :P?

Matt said...

Heya Sam, I am going to guess that you have a New Grand Piano that is going to be given to you for the basement of the house.

BTW how is your day going?

love, matt

Matt said...

Would it be an organ for your home?

Rebecca said...


1. Your story is finished, at least the first stage of writing.

2. You are getting an apartment, new musical instrument, or new music.

3. You have suddenly received a pay raise.

4. Something came through the mail that you've been waiting for.

5. You just received a proposal/diamond ring (not that that would thrill you)

6. I am insanely stupid, or I don't know you well enough.

7. Or you're really wierd and are just doing this to see what people say.

? ?


Sam said...

Hehehe. Nice guesses, Rebecca! And that statement on guess #5 - very true. It wouldn't thrill me, lol.

And the thing that totally made my day: I found out that I could take lessons from Dr. Buchholz, who not only happens to be a fantastic organist but is also very involved in the resurrection of traditional sacred music - chant, polyphony, etc.

I'M HAPPY!!!!!!!! :D Can't wait to start lessons this Friday.

Matt said...


*no comment*