Thursday, August 02, 2007

Random music wonderings...

Anyone have suggestions for music to sing for the first High Mass up here in Ft. Collins? I have plenty to draw from, but I don't really feel like thinking about it at the moment... just curious to hear your thoughts/suggestions.

And hey - anyone familiar with the Latin Mass, feel free to comment on which chant Mass you think I should do (VIII, XI, whatever). However, I can already guarantee I won't have the choir "learn" XVIII. :P

I feel like going to sleep now. And it's only 7:20.


Matt said...

I wish I knew of something, but I don't sorry.

However you could write something for the choir to sing ;)



Sam said...

Me, write something? Aaaaaaah... haaaa.... no way. There's plenty of ethereal music written already that can be used, no need for me to write any more.

Anonymous said...

It's all greek to me...what's the difference between 8 & 9? Good heavens, ask your choir! They should have first pick...

Matt said...

Oh yeah I forgot to try this on you, since you have tried it on me ;) *uses Jedi-mind trick powers*

*waves hands side to side*

"Sam you will not go to sleep, you will stay awake for another 3 hours"

Haha JK

Love, Matt

Sam said...

Responding to Matt:

*stares at your hand blankly, then falls asleep to dream the words "Sam, you will not go to sleep, you will stay awake for another three hours" over and over and over again*

Matt said...

LOL wow it should have worked :P?! Have fun sleeping ;)

If Jedi mind tricks don't work, Maybe an oreo being held above you nose will ;)

Love, Matt