Tuesday, June 05, 2007

This is a definite first!

I've finally read a book that was worse than the movie based on said book. The book: "The Princess Bride". If you ask me, the movie was great; the book left a lot to be desired. My advice to anyone considering reading that book - stay content with the movie, because the book isn't worth it.

So, to repair the damage done to my avid love of book-reading, I read "Wolf-Speaker" by Tamora Pierce and am in the middle of "Inkheart" by Cornelia Funke... both of which are excellent, in my humble opinion. Two totally different books, but they're both great in their own way.


Matt said...

WOW that is a first, usualy the book makes the movie look bad, and general does. I must say that I have not come across a book like that yet, but I have not read any good books lately, other than the ones you write ;).

But hey if you recovered it with an even better book, that is awesome.

WOOOHOO9 more days till I see you


Matt said...

I must say that movie was awesome, I wished I had watched more of it, but the parts that I watched with you were hilarious. I have seen parts of the movie after all. I recal seeing the part where the guy is laying on the table and has the bellows put into his mouth and when he exchalled he spoke. lol I won't spoil the rest for any other readers :P

Have an awesome day.

Stay fizzy!!

Love, Matt