Saturday, June 30, 2007

A much-anticipated first

- I just signed up for my first run! Only a 5K (3 miles, roughly), but I figured I'd start out with a shorter run rather than leaping in headfirst and signing up for a half-marathon. So, obviously, I'm pleased with myself... and I can't wait.


Matt said...

Congrats on the sign up when will you run and where will you run.

That is awesome. As fast as you bike and as high as your endurance is (after you beet me biking :P) I bet you will do well. I wish I could be there to cheer you on.

Love, Matt

Sam said...

When: July 4th, 8 am.

Where: Old Town Fort Collins.

>>"high as your endurance is"

*looks over shoulder* Who're you talking to?

Matt said...

LOL I don't know who else I am talking to :P, anyhoo I wish I could drive up there lol. the only limits I have are my parents. I wish I could be up there to cheer you on, Or drive along side you with my music CRANKED UP ;)
Your edurance is way higher than mine :P

Love, Matt