Saturday, February 17, 2007

Why do I write?

A few days ago, Kloude posted about how she first started writing, when, and why, and asked others to respond. So...
I started writing for a few reasons... I think I was 10 or 11 at the time. Probably the main reason that I started writing was because I hated the ending to Lord of the Rings - crazy, but true (hey, I still don't like how sad it is). After I finished reading Lord of the Rings, I decided that I was going to write a sequel purely for my own enjoyment, just so the ending didn't bug me. Obviously, that project got ditched pretty quickly, but that was the big thing that got me started writing.
The second reason why I started writing - it drives me CRAZY when my favorite characters die. And it happens in almost every single book I read! It's safe to say that I'll usually be sobbing at some point in a story when my favorite character dies some heroic death. That is soooooo depressing. So a big reason I write is so that I can have awesome characters that don't die at the end of the book. There's usually a death or two in each of my stories, but it's rarely a character that I absolutely adore (I think I've killed off a favorite character... once. And then I missed her so much that I brought her back. I'm terrible, aren't I?).
What else... apart from those two main reasons, I also started writing simply because I wanted something fun to read. I needed a few characters who weren't all wishy-washy and docile, a villain that it was a pleasure to hate, a liberal sprinkling of magical creatures, crazy escapades, zippy comebacks, and just some all around fun.

Writing is awesome.


dragonsvamp said...

hahaha thats so cute. and believe it or not i didn't like the ending of the lord of the rings either when i read it. I was so mad. but then when i thought about it i decided it was the best thing for the story.

just like when you think logically about it dumbledore had to die. lol

anywho i totally agree with you about the characters and them not being so well rounded that you can't seem to love to hate them or to hate to love them, does that even make sense?

madison said...

aiii, character death. important. hurts to write, but has to happen sometimes. comes with developed characters, I think. in my head, they are fallible, there are no clear cut lines, they have to work for the best ending possible, not glide through.

I loved the end of the Lord of the Rings. had to happen that way, especially since he wrote it as a pre-history to Earth. the age of men had to begin somehow. anyway, though.