Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A movie review.... maybe I should do this more often, it's fun!

Just got done watching the newest version of "Count of Monte Cristo" and I LOVE IT.

Since I'm sure that most people know the story (even if they haven't read the book), I won't go into enormous detail. Edmond Dantes, sailor on the verge of becoming captain, is betrayed and sent to Chateau D'If. After a number of years, he escapes, with one thought in mind: revenge.

This movie didn't get the most fantastic reviews, but guess what? I'm not into technicalities. And most of what I think disagrees with quite a few reviewers. SO!

I liked - well, took a wicked, fiendish delight in - the duels. They were too short, and not enough of them, but when there were duels, they were good. Dantes (Jim Caviezal) was excellent, in my opinion - intense, angry, passionate... but cold and reserved when he needed to be. Oh, and the jailer in Chateau D'If looks like Marilyn Manson. And he's such a creep that it's a pleasure to hate him. Mondego could have been a little better... since the screenwriter decided to stray from the book and make Mondego and Dantes friends, I would've liked to see Mondego be a bit more likeable in the beginning. Richard Harris as Abbe Faria gave his typical brilliant performance, giving his character a bit of a humorous twist, which was a pleasant shift from Dantes' depression.

Overall, excellent. Could've had a little more action, a little less narrative... but I'm thrilled as is. It *technically* stretches believability a few times, but manages to make the hard-to-believe believable. And isn't that the whole point of a movie - to suspend reality and transport the watcher into the world of the movie, where anything can happen?

I say A-

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