Friday, September 22, 2006

And life is good!

O-K! So by now I've gotten my grades back in all my classes, and while they aren't awesome, they're not bad, either!


Speech: First test, and I got an A! 23 out of 25, to be exact. My first speech (Narrative) also got a high B, so there's nothing to complain about there.

English: For my first portfolio (included 3 different summaries, revision, outling, notes, workshop notes, and 1 final draft), I got an A!!! Wow... I was totally not expecting that. English is the class I like the least - and so far, it's the class I'm doing the best in. Go figure.

Macro: I LOVE MACRO!!!! For the first homework, I got a perfect score, plus bonus points (33 out of 30). For my first paper, 25 of 25. And for the first two tests, I got a 25 of 30 in one and a 26 of 30 in the second. YES!

Sociology: Just got my first test back - 86%. Not bad, considering that it had four essay questions!

History: Okay, so when my teacher first handed back my test, the first thing I saw was "75%". It didn't really surprise me, because that was a test where we'd covered NONE of the question topics during class (and it was ridiculously detailed, too). I'd done all the reading for that class, and I was still guessing on a lot of the answers. BUT.... after looking at the test a few times, I couldn't figure out his grading system. I got 60 points on the essay questions (best possible score) but I only got 15 on the multiple-choice, which I didn't understand because I'd gotten 25 right. So I asked him after class how he was grading, and he just stared at my test for a while, then said "OH! I MISCOUNTED!" Result: I NOW HAVE AN 85%!!!! JOY! Not only that, but I also got my first history quiz back, and had a 100!!! And that quiz was all essay questions... wow... I think I'm still in shock.


Whoo. So yeah, not the greatest grades in the world, but hey - I don't have any Cs!

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