Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pictures of me and mountains... I like mountains

This is Rocky Mountain National Park... just one hour from our house. We took this photo halfway up a trail that started down in that meadow, and we still had about three miles to go before we got to the end of the trail. What a view...

See that big rock in the background (it's called Arthur's Rock)? We've hiked to the top several times. It's simply awesome. For his sixth birthday, Francis wanted to hike to the top of it... despite the fact that it's an 800 foot elevation gain. And he made it to the top!

This is what it looks like from the top of Arthur's Rock.

I love hiking... but what you can't see in that pic is that I'm hot, tired, and having a very hard time smiling. The temp was at least 100 that day, if not more. And the trail started down at that little house in the background. *pant*

This is where I broke the speed limit - WHILE RIDING MY MOUNTAIN BIKE!!! (see below) There's a very steep hill (steep for me, anyways) that's pretty easy to coast down... I hit at least 30 mph, and the speed limit was only 25. It was SWEET! Who needs roller coasters?

They changed the speed limit! The evilness of it... killjoys. Yes, that's the steep hill that I love. And believe me, it feels much steeper when you're riding your bike up, and not just looking at a pic. My legs are sore, just looking at it.


madison said...

CO looks so beautiful. O_O I need to go there....*eyes her window and sees the glorious dead-ness of SoCA* blllleh

Meredith said...

wow...i am so jealous! love the mountains. :)