Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Over the hills and far away...

To quote my sister, "... That's where your brain is, Sam!"

It's where I'd like me brain to be, aye.

Too much stuff going on. Well, actually, it's not going on; it's that stuff that people want me to have going on. Apparently, word's leaked out that I can both sing/cantor and accompany... translation: "SAM YOU'RE SINGING FOR THIS MASS!" or "OOH, SAM, CAN YOU ACCOMPANY US AT THIS MASS?!" or "SAAAAAAAAM YOU SOUND SO LOVELY WILL YOU PLAY A PRELUDE FOR US BEFORE OUR SERVICE?!".




I have schoolwork to do. I have no intention of making any more commitments. People, it just isn't going to happen.

I'm going back to algebra now.


madison said...

at least you can say they love you and your talented musician awesome-ness. :P but yeah...school. become a recluse for the next couple months, m'dear. then you get super awesome uni fun time.

Matt said...

Heya Sam, WOW, when did you get asked to play for a Mass? or a prelude? Jeeze sounds like you just got bombarded or something rather. Well Happy b-day btw.

And I hope that all goes well for yah.

Catch you later.


Sam said...

To Madison: Becoming a recluse sounds VERY appealing right now, yes...

To Matt: What's the "wow" for? This happens all the freakin' time (hence my annoyance).

And thanks for the birthday well-wishes!

Matt said...

LOL hey Sam are you still "over the hills and far away"?

ps wanna come and play organ at our church?! Juuuuuust Kidding!

*hands you recluse transform powder* jk yeah the video games have now gone to my brain!

have a good one!