Saturday, December 01, 2007

I'm... tired.

Life's insane. Rather than getting used to it, I'm doing the opposite - it feels like if I have one more activity or commitment that I have to think about, then I'm going to lose my mind and jump on the next plane to Alaska and live in an igloo for six months!

I don't mind the schoolwork. Heck, I like the schoolwork. It's everything else; the playing for Mass, applying to colleges, writing emails, practicing driving, babysitting, cleaning, preparing for vacations.... etc.... that are driving me crazy. And it's too icy outside right now to go running, so I can't de-stress that way - nor can I go biking or teach myself rollerblading, obviously. The only times I get outside when it's like this is when I take Kodi out on his walks.

I can't wait until I graduate (again). Just... I'm ready for another break. Ready for all these college applications to be sent in and done with. Ready to know where I'm going to go to school. Ready to have time to write again.

I'm so ready to be DONE.


Matt said...

WOW Sam, sounds like you are stressed WAAAAY OUT. Aww man. hmm I don't know what to say. LOL The igloo sounds fun. Where do you think you would live in Alaska if you did ;)?

Preparing for vacation, sounds fun.




Sam said...

LOL... well, not really. I'm not stressed, I just have too much stuff going on. It's a bit annoying.

Alaska? Hmm. Nome.

Haha, I didn't say I was going on a vacation, now, did I?

Matt said...

LOL Woops sorry I miss read it. LOL I do that a lot. Nome would be cool. My uncle Gary used to live up in Anchorage.

Ahhh. MMmkay. Annoyed. I don't blame yah. I bet you are are wanting to get back to writing and stuff. Writing is cool. Rain rocks!

I know I would enjoy walking Kodi. Cool dog!!!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor thing. Of course, writing at 1 in the morning doesn't help either. That igloo sounds really nice - if it had central heating and a mug of hot cocoa. With marshmallows.

Good luck and Merry Christmas,

Matt said...

WOW you must still be busy this month. LOL I hear yah about being tired. LOL I am too. I get up at 5 tommorow, head to work, go to church play organ and head back to work for a few more hours of "fun".

Stay fizzy! ;)


Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhh i thought you already got your college stuff done? i guess not. ick sounds like me. if i didn't get this two week break i think i would have cracked. now i'm cracking from having it. lol. eh. never too happy with what you're given. thats me i guess. lol

hugs and headpats. hope things ease up for you.