Sunday, July 22, 2007

Chinese Zodiac

I find those things absolutely hilarious, for more than one reason. They're interesting ways to pass the time if you're bored while waiting for food at a Chinese place, but apart from that, I can't imagine their usefulness. Take my zodiac sign, for example -

"Horse: You are popular and attractive to the opposite sex. You need people."

... *dies laughing* I think they were describing my opposite, because:

1) I don't particularly need people. As a matter of a fact, I vastly prefer to be alone. My dream home is a 100-square-foot house in the middle of the Sierra Nevadas, with no neighbors except the mountain lions for a few hundred miles. Aaaaaah, bliss.

2) "Popular"? Me? I hope not. While I try to be friendly, true, I want to be there when I'm needed as a friend, not just have people seek me out constantly.

3) "Attractive to the opposite sex"...? Excuse me while I go vomit. *fierce glare* I hate being considered (much less called) attractive, especially by a member of the opposite sex. Let me repeat: I like anonymity and being unnoticed. "Graceful", "attractive", "gorgeous", etc. - you get the idea: I hate those words. If my zodiac sign is right, and I am attractive, then it's time for a serious makeover.

So, yeah... point made: Anything attempting to predict your personality and/or tastes regarding companionship based on your date of birth is absolute malarkey.

-------- that was a really random post.


Matt said...

I hope the owner of the Chinese resteraunt sees this, his mumbo jumbo voodoo junk is wrong. Sam I do not see any of that stuff to be true about you.

You are a cool friend and all out fun to be around.

No you do NOT neet a serious make over, or even a make over in general. Your crazy style of mixed colors is awesome! Hey Sam you like the 100 square feet home, sounds cozy. With a piano cramed in there and maybe a small continuo organ that would be cool too :P JK

May I build your house please!!!
One thing though, please operate the drill press for me, *rubs my own mouth from the last encounter with a drill press* ;)


Love, Matt :)

Sam said...

Hey, I didn't say it was junk! It's hilarious. :P Everybody knows that there's no basis for it, so it's funny to see how different you are from "your" zodiac sign.

As far as building my house... ehh... I sorta want to do that. :P I wanna go fish through a few dumps for a few days, find some bits and pieces, and put them together...

Matt said...

You have a good point there Sam lol :P. After all I guess it is a form of entertainment.

Aww I wanted to build the house :P LOL Have fun searching the dumps :P. When we made our deck for our house originally it was all made out of old pallets from a grocery store. FREE and cheep!

Stay fizzy!

Love Matt

Anonymous said...

I totally agree - take me: I'm a rooster. Trust me, I'm not a morning person, much less willing to wake everyone else up.