Saturday, January 13, 2007

Let it snow?

Whoever wrote that carol must have lived in the Sahara Desert.

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful..." very aptly describes our weather. It's windy. It's -11 degrees outside, windchill not included. There's roughly two and a half feet of snow on the ground, accumulated from four or five snowfalls, and it has partially melted and refroze several times, which means it's also icy. And guess what? It's snowing outside - MORE! I need to commandeer my sister's camera so I can take a few pics of the vast whiteness outside. It's awful to go out in, and it's even cold in the house... but oh well! I like snow. I kinda like the cold weather (even though this is pushing it), because it gives me an excuse to stay inside and read a good book.

So - let it snow!

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