Wednesday, October 18, 2006

update needed, but not happening just yet.

I know, I need to update... blame school! I have six tests spread out evenly over the next two weeks (it was seven yesterday, but I got the PSAT out of the way this morning) and I'm sick again. So yeah, I'll try to update sometime soon, but right now things are just too chaotic.

Random thought: True, I know the PSAT is being taken across the USA on this exact day by me and half a zillion other students... but it'd be really nice if we didn't have to wait until December to get our test scores back.


dragonsvamp said...

good luck on the psat! I know the wait is just terrible...

saned said...

Hold on there...and Good luck!

I used to live in fort collins until 1995 and i really miss it!