Sunday, May 21, 2006

Kodi update


We've had Kodi for three whole weeks now, and he's almost three months old. Just in the three weeks that we've had him, he has doubled his weight (he was eight pounds at nine weeks, and now at twelve weeks he's sixteen pounds) and is very noticeably bigger. Here is what he looked like when we first got him:

And this is what he looks like now:

Yeah, it's not the greatest pic (he had just gotten up from a nap... tired pup) but it's the best one I have. Anywho... he sleeps better than any three month old puppy I've met (or had) yet. Last night I only had to take him outside once! Usually at this age, they can only go for about three hours at max. Maybe it's how hyper he is during the day... he hardly takes any naps, and he's always GO GO GO PLAY PLAY PLAY! - That is, when he isn't eating. He eats like a horse! Matter of fact... at the moment, he's sitting on my feet, begging for my food.

I'm starting to leash-train him now... at first I just walked him around the house, then yesterday he went all the way around the cul-de-sac, and this morning I took him a few blocks. He's great on the leash, except when other dogs start barking - then he gets scared and tries to bolt. I need to socialize him to other dogs a little bit more, get him used to it.

House-breaking.... bleh. Don't talk to me about house-breaking. Let's just say... he's still working on it. Starting to get it, but he's got a ways to go.

O-K! So, obviously, Kodi is taking up my life. But heck - what's wrong with that? Whoever said that a dog is man's best friend was absolutely correct. I can't go anywhere without Kodi following me. If he can't follow... he sits down, points his nose at the ceiling, and howls. And - typical me - I'm such a softy that I can't listen to it for more than two minutes.

I suppose I should post an update on moi, but I'm too dang lazy. Maybe tomorrow. Or the day after... I don't know. But soon!

So, til whenever -



dragonsvamp said...

aww thats such a cute dog!! and fat you've been taking care of him really well sam! lol :P

meredith said...

aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's so cute and fuzzy...and cute!